Imagine for a moment that the Bacchanalia/ Dionysian mysteries remain in Christianity with fragments, such as those exposed by John Allegro and myself. But what if there are other signs, such as the wine?

And who wrote the book on keeping wine legal for Christianity during the prohibition era?

His name was Rev. Edmund Atwill Wasson, Ph.D. – R. Gordon, and Thomas C. Wasson’s own father, who authored the book ‘Religion and Drink’ – 1914.

Fast forward another 43 years and R. Gordon, out to promote the Bacchanalia and Dionysian mysteries for the CIA via MKULTRA Subproject 58, writes Seeking the Magic Mushroom, May 13, 1957 – Life Magazine, et al

In my previous thinking these events were unrelated, but in context of the “suppressed” Bacchanalia and in light of the dark ages possibly / probably being fabricated, this gives a whole knew lineage in understanding the promotion of drugs by the Wasson family.

In the first printing of Edmund Wasson’s book, they published an unprecedented 162,000 copies!

Meet R. Gordon Wasson’s parents: Rev. Dr. Edmund Atwill Wasson, and Mary DeVeny Wasson. Mary was also a Wellesley girls Half Dozen.

“What! Did the wine, O man, produce this evil? Not the wine, but the intemperance of such as take an evil delight in it. Say, then, ‘Would there were no drunkenness, no luxury’; but, if you say, ‘Would there were no wine’, you will say going on by degrees, ‘Would there were no steel, because of the murderers; no night, because of the thieves; no light, because of the informers; no women, because of adulteries’; and, in a word, you will destroy everything. But do not so; for this is of a satanical mind. Do not find fault with the wine, but with drunkenness. And, when you have found this self-same man sober, sketch out all his unseemliness, and say to him, ‘Wine was given that we might be cheerful, not that we might behave ourselves unseemly; that we might laugh, not that we might be a laughing-stock; that we might be healthy, not that we might be diseased; that we might correct the weakness of our body, not cast down the might of our soul.’”
–St. Chrysostom, on the Gospel of St. Matthew, Homily 57.5
Found in Religion and Drink, 1914, by Edmond Atwill Wasson, final paragraph.”

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